2023 Thanksgiving Dinner Party

While Thanksgiving might not be a widely celebrated tradition in Australia, I’ve always believed that any excuse for good company and delicious food is reason enough to gather friends and family. So, why not embrace the spirit of gratitude and warmth with a Thanksgiving-inspired dinner party? Join me as I share the joy of hosting a festive feast and creating memorable moments around the table. Let’s turn any day into a reason to celebrate!

I love giving personally crafted invitations as they bring a unique and heartfelt element to the occasion. I get my envelope template and wax stamps from Melbourne artisan, Fiona Ariva. Etsy offers a wonderful array of templates for invitations, menus, and placemat cards. Unfortunately mine is unavailable but here are similar alternatives.

Table setting:
I curated a unified theme for my table setting, opting for warm, earthy tones highlighted by rustic browns and vibrant orange hues. Imagine brown placemats, creatively adorned with pinecones and spray-painted honkey nuts, complemented by twine-wrapped napkins.

Hosting a stylish dinner party need not break the bank, the priciest element in this case was  the pumpkin centrepiece! I sourced affordable essentials, such as brown placemats ($3 each), olive napkins ($2 for a two-pack), and a wooden serving stand ($10)  all  found at Kmart. As a finishing touch, I ventured into a nearby forest to gather pinecones, adding a touch of nature’s charm to the overall setting.

The table was completely enhanced with MarrieBakes‘ custom pumpkin cookies, designed to match my pumpkin logo perfectly.

Here is my menu:

  • Dessert:

-Salted Bourbon Pecan Pumpkin Pie 
-Double Chocolate Mocha Pudding pie 

Everything was absolutely delicious and to be honest, I wouldn’t of changed a single thing I made (this never happens!)
My favourite meal of the night was probably the pumpkin pie (guilty sweet tooth) 🎃


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