Alabama song is an American deep south themed bar located in Northbridge. The dimly lit bar is choc-a-block full of American patriotism ranging from moose heads on the wall, route 66 signs, saloon bar doors and USA banners and flags painted on the walls. The detail of the bar is impeccable even with a fireplace nook in the corner covered with old saloon paraphernalia of the deep south.

We sat in one of the old school leather booths surrounded by candlelights and grabbed the drinks list. The ‘Cherry cola’ and ‘Bonfire coffee’ caught my eye straight away. The very cherry American cola drink is a must. Served long, this fruity drink has a big sour kick with a lemon sherbet rimmed glass. The sweetness of the cola perfectly constrasts with the very sour sherbet leaving you tootin ’til the cows come home! The bonfire coffee consists of coffee bourbon, espresso and fresh milk all combined in a slushie set on fire. A lil’ wild, this cocktail was actually so delicious. The bourbon went exceptionally well with the coffee, and the slushie style was nice and refreshing against the boldness of the coffee. As the menu states: “Who needs an espresso martini” right?

Although the food menu is quite small, Alabama focus on US favourites with classic American cheeseburgers, Southern fried chicken and dirty fries. Of course, we tried all of these out to get a real taste of the South. Joes dirty fries was outstandingly the prize winner. The perfect french fries consisted of bacon bits, jalapeños, cheesy sauce and southern hot sauce. It was so refreshing not to see these dirty fries covered in meat like usual places, but rather a subtle taste of bacon and spice.
With the southern fried chicken, you can choose from a quarter, half or whole chicken. We chose a half and were very impressed by the extremely big servings and crunchy tenderness. The cheeseburger was also very juicy and intensely savoury with a fresh and soft bun.

Overall, the country vibe bar is worth the visit if you’re feeling like taking a trip to the deep-south for the night. With live music every Friday and Saturday night and 50c wings on Wednesdays and Sundays, Alabama song is a bright edition to Perth’s bar scene.


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