2023 Christmas Dinner Party

I never miss an opportunity to delve into a Christmas feast, especially when the weather is finally appropriate for it. Each month my sisters, Mum and I have a themed dinner party where each of us rotate roles between: cocktail, entree, main and dessert. End of last months theme was ‘Christmas in July’. Now I know I’m posting this belatedly but hey, it’s still perfect weather for a giant hearty feast.

I hope these dishes offer you some winter meal inspiration, if not, some enthusiasm for Christmas which approaches only 4 months away!


Rum Rum Rudolph 

Recipe here


Baked Gruyère in Pastry with Rosemary and Garlic served with Cranberry Crackers

Recipe here


Roast Chicken stuffed with Cherries and Pistachios 

Although the recipe was a turkey, I substituted chicken as it’s very hard to find turkeys in July. The stuffing was delicious, a very unusual brown rice based stuffing- but with the cherries it was delicious (as was the cherry port gravy!)

Served with:

Maple Roasted Carrots in Tahini, Miso Sauce with Pomegranate arils

and Duck Fat Potatoes

Carrot recipe here


Chocolate Mousse with Forrest Berry Compote

Rachel Khoo’s recipe is served with cocoa nibs however we simmered a cup of forrest berries with sugar and water to create a compote. 


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