Top 10 cinnamon bun flavours

As many of you know, I am an extreme cinnamon bun lover. With much time on my hands last year, I experimented with many flavours. Here are some of my favourite:

Raspberry lemon brioche buns with whipped ricotta:
Recipe here.

Apple cinnamon buns with salted caramel sauce:
These are probably my favourite buns I’ve made so far. Recipe here.

Blueberry buns with lemon glaze:
Recipe here.

Banana chocolate chip buns:
Recipe here.

Maple pecan sticky buns:
Recipe here.

Now for the seasonal edit…. Festive flavours are my absolute favourite, so I tend to bake a lot in November/December. Last year I had a cinnamon bun challenge where I made a different flavour for every week of the December. Here they are:

Pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls:
Recipe here.

Gingerbread scrolls:
Recipe here or here is an overnight recipe.

Snowflake pull apart bread:
Recipe here.

Hot cocoa marshmallow scrolls:
Recipe here.

Cranberry brie puff pastry pinwheels:
Something a little different, these were my first savoury scrolls. Recipe here.

Spiced eggnog cinnamon rolls:
Recipe here.

Cinnamon rolls with chai frosting:
I made these for Christmas morning, they were delicious. Recipe here.

Alternatively, if you love the simple cinnamon buns with cream cheese frosting, this recipe is full proof.


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