Escape to an Eco Tiny House: Your Ideal Getaway Just 3 Hours from Perth

  Winter beckons the perfect opportunity for a southern escape—picture a cozy cabin by a crackling fireplace, a glass of mulled wine from a nearby winery, and a warm coffee in hand amidst the crisp morning air. It’s an irresistible combination. This past weekend, we found ourselves at ‘Slip Rails,’ an eco-tiny house nestled among Scott River Peppermint trees and rolling hills. It proved to be the ideal setting for a romantic getaway, offering a serene retreat into the heart of nature.

Waking up to these tranquil vistas was truly unforgettable. Situated atop a hill, the cabin offers unparalleled views of the pristine Australian landscape that will stay with me forever.

The cabin sits within a sprawling 750-hectare pastoral farm, home to native wildlife such as grey kangaroos, parrots, and emus (we were lucky enough to spot them darting across the paddock!). Grazing cattle peacefully roam the land, and we enjoyed a picturesque picnic in the valley surrounded by peppermint trees and abundant wildlife.

Even within the confines of a tiny house, I managed to indulge my love for cooking! The first night, we celebrated the release of season 3 of ‘The Bear’ with burgers, and the second night, we enjoyed Brendan Pangs Red Curry wonton soup.

The stars in this remote location were simply breathtaking, the night sky was so clear that we could vividly see the Milky Way galaxy 🌌

Our stay at the eco cabin retreat was nothing short of magical. Surrounded by serene nature and under a blanket of stars, it provided the perfect backdrop for a peaceful getaway. From cosy evenings by the fireplace to memorable meals cooked with love, every moment at ‘Slip Rails’ was a cherished escape into tranquility.


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