Spring is here, and gin is here! The beautiful Middle Eastern-inspired rooftop garden restaurant Hadiqa, in Hibernian place is now host to the Tanqueray terrace throughout November until December. The global award-winning Tanqueray gin has over 180 years of distilling expertise that does not disappoint in Hadiqa’s speciality GnT.

Surrounded by authentic Moroccan tiles, a hint of Arabian Nights and a jungle of natural greenery, Hadiqa which literally translates to ‘garden’, is a diamond in the rough within the concrete jungle of the CBD. It is therefore no surprise that Hadiqa recently won the ‘Best Themed Bar’ in Perth. Nonetheless, the luxe terrace space for the months of November to December is entirely dedicated to the trendy Tanqueray; hence to start, a signature Tanqueray and Tonic is definitely in order! The best part about this terrace however is the chance to hand pick, create and help yourself to a garnishing station for your own glass with a selection from a span of citrus fruits such as lemons and grapefruits, to an array of herbs including many of Australia’s luscious greens such as Sea Purslane and Salt bush. As a cinnamon lover myself, I couldn’t help but choose a cinnamon stick for my Copa glass, along with some grapefruit to tang things up! The creative style of garnishing your own cocktail has many perks, one being an extremely ‘insta-worthy’ moment, along with their tiles which make the perfect back drop so I always have to get a photo when I visit.

Of course, I had to sample each cocktail (for blog purposes…), so I delved into the Tanqueray Sevilla and Tonic which with its orangey notes and uniquely bittersweet taste, paired perfectly with a garnish of orange and a fresh sprig of thyme. My favourite cocktail however, was the Tanqeray Sevilla Negroni which is a slightly stronger step up from the Sevilla and Tonic. With its beautiful amber colour, the Negroni was served in an old-fashioned and it’s pungent unique kick of citrus was so good that I had to order another. Notably, the Terrace Fizz is also a great way to end the night, with the Prosecco based cocktail holding a citrusy lime hint that is perfectly balanced with the gin.

Not only can you sample the best Tanqueray has to offer, but you can enjoy your gin alongside Perth’s premier oyster shucker, Jerry Fraser’s fresh oysters every Thursday evening. Surprisingly, this was my first time tasting oysters as I always found the texture of oysters quite off-putting to digest. However since I was going to taste oysters soon enough, I saw it fit to have my first experience with Perth’s finest oyster shucker. Paired with a sriracha sauce and a fig balsamic sauce, lets just say we were ordering our next dozen soon thereafter. Although the oysters were the star of the show, the cauliflower with ras el hanout and yoghurt dressing is nothing but perfection. I could eat an entire bowl to myself given the chance, it was so excellently seasoned. The grilled triangular cut halloumi was also a crowd pleaser, drizzled in thick orange honey and anise that just melted in your mouth. The thick cut crispy chips were also Mediterranean inspired with crumpled feta on top, seasoning it to perfection. The Mediterranean influence continues on their menu, ranging from dukkah’s, eggplant and capsicum dips to yogurts with pomegranates and herbs, served best with their warm soft and crispy pita bread, Arabian style.

All in all, Hadiqa’s Tanqueray Gin terrace is an escape to something new and exciting in Perth, as you surround your self in the glories and grandeurs of Mediterranean lifestyle and of course, excellent gin. What more could you ask for?

Something more to look forward to in Hadiqa’s agenda is there New Years Eve rooftop cocktail event to kickstart 2019. For more information, you can book online at Hadiqa’s website.


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