Hosting a Millionaire Murder Mystery Party: Tips & Guide

I had the pleasure of diving into the world of suspense and intrigue by hosting a ‘Millionaire Murder’ mystery party, courtesy of Night of Mystery. This immersive experience transformed an ordinary evening into an extraordinary whodunit adventure, where friends became suspects, and everyone had a role to play in unraveling a high-stakes crime.

Night of Mystery provided everything we needed to set the stage for an unforgettable evening. From a comprehensive host guide that walked me through every step of the process, to detailed character assignments and profiles that brought each guest’s persona to life, no detail was overlooked. The package also included a wealth of extra materials, offering creative ideas for setting up the perfect atmosphere and making the event even more immersive.

With everyone dressed to the nines and ready to play their part, we embarked on a thrilling journey to solve the mystery of a millionaire’s untimely demise. It was an evening filled with laughter, accusations, and surprising revelations.


The setup for our ‘Millionaire Murder’ party was nothing short of elegant and timeless. I transformed the space with a black dinner tablescape, illuminated by candlelight and adorned with vibrant purple dahlias. Each place setting featured character placement cards, part of the ‘extras’ available for download from Night of Mystery.

Every guest received two envelopes: A and B. Envelope A contained their initial tasks to perform throughout the evening, leading up to the climactic murder. Halfway through the night, as tensions peaked, someone met an untimely end. Following this, guests opened Envelope B, which detailed their new tasks and the mission to unmask the murderer.

Transforming your decor to exude luxury on a budget is simpler than it seems. For a millionaire-themed party, thrifted silverware and port glasses can add a touch of elegance. I poured tea into a decanter to mimic the look of expensive whiskey. Incorporating ‘old money’ decor such as a chess set, vintage photo frames, and ornate candleholders can further enhance the sophisticated atmosphere.

Cocktails and Dinner:

To complement the mystery, I set up a martini station and served freshly shucked oysters and canapés—smoked salmon with cream cheese and horseradish beef vol-au-vents as we carried out the tasks from Envelope A.

After the murder, we sat down for a sumptuous dinner of decanted red wine and slow-cooked Asian pork belly on a bed of cauliflower puree and Asian greens.

Dessert was a luxurious hazelnut panna cotta with chocolate ganache and honeycomb crumb. To conclude the evening in true millionaire style, we enjoyed a late-night port with an array of terrines and cheeses.

All of the fresh and wonderful food was kindly gifted by The Good Grocers. Their fresh, high-quality ingredients truly elevated our dining experience and added to the night’s success.

Hosting a ‘Billionaire Murder Mystery’ party was an unforgettable blend of elegance, suspense, and gourmet delights. Special thanks to Night of Mystery and The Good Grocers for sponsoring this post! So, whether you’re an experienced host or a first-timer, this theme promises a night of mystery and glamour. Happy hosting!


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