How to host a Thanksgiving dinner party

Yes I know we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia but hey, I’ll take any excuse to throw a dinner party. I love everything about planning a dinner party, from creating the invitations, curating the menu to setting the table and grocery shopping. I’m currently planning this years festivities, so I thought I’d share last years Thanksgiving my sister and I curated.

Planning a theme:
You want a cohesive theme for a table setting, last year I had rustic brown and orange hues. So think brown placemats, pinecone settings, twine for the napkins and rosemary sprigs. It’s really not that expensive to throw a dinner party, the most expensive item here was probably the giant pumpkin! I brought these brown placemats from Kmart ($3 each), foraged the pinecones from Serpentine forest, used sprigs of rosemary from my garden and utilised pre-owned pillar candles. Honestly, most of the time I just use props from around the house to set up the table, you can truly create a story from preowned decorations rather than spend a fortune on new ones.

I coordinated the invitations, dinner menu and placement cards with this pumpkin design from Etsy. Once you purchase the design you can customise invitations and menu’s with the logo.

If you follow my instagram you know I am a ritual wax sealer. Sending out a good old fashioned invitation was no exception for this occasion. I chose brown envelopes with a gold wax seal from Fiona Ariva.

Dinner Menu:
This is how my menu went-

Here are the recipes:

  • Cranberry brie prosciutto crostini’s

Stay tuned for this years festivities!


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