Howard Park Arbor Novae collection


Howard Park is certainly well renowned as a pinnacle of Western Australia wines, particularly their Sparkling Jeté is a personal favourite of mine. Their newest project however, a Wine Club exclusive collection; Arbor Novae. For this, Howard Park is drawing inspiration from its surroundings, partnering with environmental charity Carbon Positive Australia. The new range will be available from April 22nd, Earth Day, exclusively to the winery’s Wine Club members.

For every bottle of Arbor Novae sold, $1.50 will be donated to Carbon Positive Australia. This initiative will help support local tree planting and landscape restoration. The name ‘Arbor Novae’ translates to ‘new trees’ in Latin, this is prevalent in the gorgeous labelling of the bottles. The beautifully bold abstract labels are original paintings by Fremantle artist Andy Quilty. These labels express Howard Park’s ecosystem within their own vineyards that extend into the Eucalypt forests of the South West.

The Arbor Novae range includes a diverse varietal range including a 2019 Margaret River Chardonnay, 2020 Pinot Gris from the estate Mount Barrow vineyard in Mount Barker, a 2020 regional Grenache Shiraz blend and a 2021 Old Vine Riesling from the Gibraltar Rock vineyard in Porongurup.


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