Live like a Bridgerton 1 hour from Perth at Faversham House

Want to feel like Bridgerton royalty in Perth? Look no further than Faversham house, only an hour from Perth CBD, located in the charming historic town of York and exquisitely untouched by modernity to give you a truly peaceful and unique experience. This heritage parkland garden is one of Australia’s oldest privately owned grand colonial mansions, now in the safekeeping of Richard and Nola Bliss who bought the property in 2003.

Faversham House is the most recognised historic guest manor in Western Australia, listed with the National Trust and registered on the National Estate of the Australian Heritage Commission. Established by the pioneering Monger family in 1840, it has been superbly restored, with Georgian, Victorian and country styled décor.

I cannot express to you how incredibly well maintained and picturesque Faversham is. It truly feels as if you’ve been transported in a Victorian time capsule. Upon arrival to the gorgeous Chateau, you can’t miss the stunning and iconic swan water fountain, adding a feel of grandiose and luxury as you drive around it to the entrance. The dreamy fragrance of the of the beautiful rose gardens surrounding the chateau and the incredible stonework of the building itself are just a few of the things that create such an ambient experience. Just to add to the impressive arrival at Faversham, I can’t forget to mention the most friendly greeting from Benji the Golden Retriever who has the very impressive role of the groundskeeper.  

There are seven mansion rooms offered in the Chateau, each furnished with spacious king beds and a private bathroom; or if you are on a budget you can also stay in the ‘servants’ quarters, located in the ‘Servants’ courtyard’ which are smaller rooms but still embody such quaint charm. We stayed in the ‘Olive Tree’ room which truly felt like we were bunking in a Princesses quarters with a regal bed and traditional finishings on everything down to the footing of the bed and wardrobe. Faversham offers a spacious drawing room with very cosy chesterfields, a log fire, copious amounts of books and a chess board to keep you occupied.

 No mansion is complete without a library and the beautiful library at Faversham offers an abundance of antiques, art, books and history. My favourite part of our stay was reading all about Faversham’s history. Recently they excavated children’s shoes hidden under the floorboards; historians have hypothesised that during the Victorian Era, superstitions led people to conceal shoes in fireplaces, floorboards of roofs to deter evil spirits. If you wanted to immerse yourself in the enriched history of Faversham, Richard gives daily history tours of the grounds.

 We spent the evening on the terrace with a bottle of Champagne watching the stunning sunset. Faversham is in very close proximity to the Town of York which has a few restaurants and pubs if you’re feeling a night out. We however, made the most of our gorgeous room with a cheeky cheese board and vino. *Side note I cannot explain to you how comfy the bed was, Stewart and I both said it was one of the best night sleeps we have ever had*.

 The following morning breakfast was served in the exquisite dining area. Now this dining area is exactly what a Bridgerton banquet room would look like, think dining with Lady Danbury! It was very surreal to see something so traditional in every way this close to Perth. A traditional English breakfast is cooked by the chef or alternatively a continental breakfast is also offered. Rather than sitting in the dining room, we sat outside and enjoyed the picturesque morning views.

There is so much of the grounds to see and I loved finding new areas outside such as the stoves which are original and so well preserved, and there is perfect antique seating throughout the grounds, so places to sit and read or have a quiet wine are endless! I could not recommend Faversham House more, both Richard and Nola were so welcoming and accommodating. 

Nonetheless, the town of York is definitely worth the visit in itself as it just oozes historic charm and really is an eclectic experience. The Town Hall has a gorgeously preserved theatre to roam around, the vintage lolly shop will reminisce your childhood nostalgia and you’re bound to find a vintage gem at the antique stores. 





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