Port Mill Bed and Breakfast

In the heart of Fremantle, Port Mill is a cosy and charming boutique bed and breakfast. This historic building (originally a flour mill built in 1862) has kept its archival architecture alive with its rustic walls, gorgeous balconies and italic courtyard. Port Mill offers 4 mini suites: the Leeuwin, Batavia, Dayfken and Zuytdorp. All suites have a private balcony, however if you want a view of the courtyard, the Leeuwin or Batavia is best suited for you.

We stayed in the Batavia suite (located on first floor) which personally I think has the best view, the Leeuwin suite is right above. The room itself was quaint and maintained that rustic Tuscan interior.

The selling point however, is the balcony. The gorgeous French style balcony mimics Juliets quarters, the fountain view below makes the experience even more exceptional, feeling like you’re in Verona itself. We grabbed some cheeses and meats from my favourite deli, Little Sister delicatessen that have an exceptional variety of Italian and French goods and basked in the afternoon sun.

A continental breakfast is supplied for the next morning, including fresh fruit, muesli, orange juice and banana bread.

With summer around the corner, this is the perfect staycation to relax on the balcony with a wine and cheese, basking in the beautiful sunshine. And if your European holiday was postponed like mine, this will suffice your Italian dreams!


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