Studio Guest Suites Margaret River

Recently my Mum, sisters and I indulged in a spontaneous mid-week trip down South to serene Margaret River. After seeing Studio Guest Suites on Tiktok, I just knew I had to stay there as it fitted my Glitz n Glamour theme perfectly for my Instagram. 

This luxury boutique Bed and Breakfast located in the very heart of Margaret River is the epitome of opulence and unique charm. Not only does this accommodation reflect romance for lovers of vintage style and decor, it also genuinely feels like you have walked into a historical time capsule. 

Every luxury room has been carefully curated by hosts, Katie and James who were exceptionally welcoming and so accommodating. Inspired by their love for the antique industry, James and Katie began to collect, appraise and deal in collectables that are scattered throughout the Bed and Breakfast.

Each suite is uniquely decorated to recreate an iconic era: the Napoleon, Gatsby, Victorian and Matilda Suite. All rooms are so perfectly curated to fit their particular era, I’m honestly still in awe with the level of detail articulated in our suites. 

From the ceiling skirting, the floor tiling, the artwork and window decor. To the bed frames, and not to mention the perfectly themed music playing as you enter the room, the details are infinitely immaculate. 

We stayed in both the Napoleon and Gatsby suites and I’m so glad we booked the two rooms as I could appreciate the level of effort and uniqueness each suite had to offer. Both rooms included an elegant freestanding bath, beautifully ornate antique style bed frames, a private bathroom and kitchenette facilities which included a mini fridge and coffee machine (obvious necessity). Did I mention that all the kitchenette appliances are the brand SMEG and are colour coordinated to the room? 

I stayed in the Napoleon suite with my Mum and my gosh was I in absolute awe. Upon entry (with an antique key by the way) you are welcomed by Classical music, a complimentary loaf of sourdough bread from Yallingup Wood-fired Bakery, an array of condiments and the most delicious homemade muesli (I mean cmon!) The room is decorated in soft teal and ornated with impeccable gold and bronze furnishings. To top it off there is even a framed love letter from Napolean to his beloved Josephine, just to give you an insight to how much detail there is in these rooms.

The pictures of the rooms speak for itself. The grandeur of the bed, the closet drawers, the Sheridan sheets, and the small dining table emulate the French Baroque architecture and regal finesse of the Napoleonic Era. It honestly felt like I was walking into a luxury suite in Versailles. The bathroom is decorated with gold appliances and beautiful hexagonal marble tiles. My favourite part of the bathroom was the lavish soap dispensers, each filled with products from local Vasse Virgin Soap Factory. Oh and did I mention the towel rack was also heated? The attention to detail is just so spectacular. 

Here is some my content from the suite:

The Gatsby Room was the epitome of 1920’s glamour and charm. Greeted by soft jazzy hits from Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, this room screamed Roaring 20’s. Contrasting the Napoleon Room all the appliances were silver, red and black, mimicking that striking Art Deco architecture of the 20’s. A gorgeous wall mural of ladies and gentleman in their fabulous fashion upon entry in itself is impressive enough, not to mention the ‘Gatsby’ frosted emblems on the windows just to emphasise the theme.

Now as for the Bed and Breakfast itself, as soon as you enter the grand foyer you undoubtedly step back in time. Ordained with velvet couches, an old vintage cash register, classic Chesterfields and crystal chandeliers, it reminded me of somewhere the likes of Marilyn Monroe would stay back in the 50’s!

Upon further entry past reception, I walked into the main room which absolutely took my breath away. The gentle crackling of a fireplace enclosed by three beautiful Chesterfield couches is such a welcome sight also accompanied by a drinks cart full of all the tools for making the perfect whiskey sour perhaps?

There is a stunning little library nook as well which is perfectly curated with Classical books of explorations from Napoleonic Era, historical botany books and encyclopaedias of the modern world. The chess table is also a great addition, my sister and I stayed up till 10pm playing intently with a glass of port. Oh yes, did I mention a crystal decanter of port and chocolates are provided by the bar area? I mean, could this place get anymore luxurious?

I cannot recommend this Bed and Breakfast enough, from the location 2 minutes from Margaret River main strip, the level of care provided by Katie and the uniqueness of each suite, I can guarantee you’ll never stay anywhere like this in Perth.


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